The Box Office located at Main Gate 1

Lost & Found

Items that are found are turned into Guest Services during an event. At the conclusion of the event, items will be logged into our system here. Items are kept for a period from 7-30 days from the date found. If you have lost an item please take a moment to browse through the items unclaimed before filing a claim. For any questions, please contact us at or (919) 462-2025.

Tips for submitting a claim

We receive many items that are alike on event days. To help us identify your property please provide specific details to expedite the review of your claim. The owner of the item should be the one to submit a claim to expedite the process. Please verify the spelling of your email address before submitting your claim.

  • Laptops & tablets: serial number or passcode is required. Serial Numbers for IOS devices can be found on your Apple ID. Serial numbers for other devices can be found on extended warranties or service contracts, original boxes, etc. When providing a passcode, the device will be immediately locked upon confirming ownership of the item.
  • Cellphones: Passcode or IMEI number is required. The IMEI number can be obtained from your cellphone carrier account.
  • Clothing: Brand, size, color, other descriptors.
  • Bags & Backpacks: provide details of the contents inside of your bag. Identify 3 specific items such as toiletries, clothing articles, shoes, etc. Be specific about the items inside of your bag.
  • Keys: identify key chains, key color, make. For vehicle keys, submit a photo of your vehicle registration by replying to your email confirmation for your claim submission.
  • ID cards and Driver Licenses: include detailed personal information on the ID in your claim. 
  • All items: brand, make, model, size, color, unique descriptors, etc.

What happens after submitting a claim

  • You will receive an email confirmation that your claim was successfully submitted.
  • Our team will review your claim in the order it was received. We will respond as soon as possible.
  • If we have your item and we can verify ownership with the information you provided on your claim, we will email you instructions on how to recover your item. 
  • If we have your item and we cannot establish ownership, we will contact you via email or telephone to request further information. Our team will attempt to contact you twice via email. If we do not receive a response, your claim will be closed.
  • Please do not submit multiple claims for the same item. Multiple claims for the same item delay our review process.
  • Email is the primary form of communication. Emails from our office may be routed to your spam inbox. To ensure you receive our messages please add our software provider’s email domain to your SPAM filter ( Please check your spam inbox for messages.
  • Items are kept for a period of up to 30 days from the date found.